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IGI 2: Covert

The classic stealth shooter IGI 2: Covert Strike is a first-person shooter developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Codemasters. In IGI 2: Covert Strike, you play the role of an elite agent, David Jones, who works at the Institute for Geotactic Intelligence to prevent the outbreak of World War III. The game has a total of 19 missions, and players can cross several tracks to complete it. Depending on the playing style of the people, IGI 2: Covert Strike can be played with secret action or shooting a weapon. The game supports individual and multiplayer campaigns, so whether you just want to enjoy the story or challenge your friends, IGI 2: Covert Strike has what you’re playing. As soon as you start the game for the first time, you see something missing: practice mode works. This will prepare you for a challenging game. All you have to do is restart the game until you realize it. (Function () {(‘view-application-page-desktop’);}); The battle will be difficult because your enemy is a sniper. You can even crawl across the battlefield and still have the chance to be shot. Therefore, it is even more important to carry out an attack; use your weapons and camouflage to lead your FPS opponents. Your attack strategy takes time; use rogue as an advantage to achieve mission goals – or at least to maintain health. The artificial intelligence of IGI 2 is valuable. For example, dividing an enemy fort into several groups. One will bring your wings into a corner, while the other will find a place from the eye of a bird. Regardless of their position, they become sensitive during shooting. You can cut with a gun or use M16A2, and they will find a way to avoid your bullets. However, those who fulfill their desires will feel terrible and fast. Doubtful controls of IIGI 2 remain behind realism. Instead, he fell badly. Many management functions leave an illusion. Moving from position to lying, for example, takes a full second, but not the movement of fluid. It looked like the camera was latent. The developers seem to have missed another important step: crawling. FPS games will not die without indexing as a decent strategy. It is also a movement that comes from veterans of real life. Well, your head just itches when you think about why it’s gone. In any case, the controls are easy to monitor and respond to. A pair of binoculars is useful and ideal for you. In fact, binoculars not only provide a broader view of something, but also provide a thermal view. It will come in very handy if you find enemies hitting and hiding 2: Covert Strike is not a great sequel. Winning will be sweet because you have spent most of your time overcoming problems and habits in the game. All in all, the game lags far behind its more innovative and meticulous competitors like Spinter Cell. However, that saved him in the fighting game.

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