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Free basic drawing and painting software MS Color is a free computer program developed by Microsoft that allows you to create image files as well as edit image files stored on your computer. Microsoft Color or Color as it is also known can be used to quickly add text to images. There is no high quality photo / painting app available, but has the worship of fans around Color stopped? The first version of MS Color was introduced by Microsoft developers and the first version of Windows, Windows, in 1985. It has been included in all versions of Microsoft Windows since then, including Windows 10. This software has had various updates over the years. include higher status as the Windows PC evolves. A major update comes with Windows release (function () {(” review-app-page-desktop ‘);}); Thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, as well as its integration with all Windows machines, Color has become one of the most used programs in previous versions of Windows in fast. This introduced a large number of people to draw on computers for the first time. In 2019, fans of aging programs worry that MS Color will be eliminated by Microsoft in the planned Windows 10 update in 1903. A fierce debate erupted on Twitter. The call to continue using Color was answered when Microsoft confirmed that it will not stop and will still be available after the update. However, the new update is called the “humble” program, which means it has not yet been updated. Je! Free MS Color? MS Color is completely free and should be ready on your Windows PC (available in the Windows Start menu in the Devices Folder). If you do not have Color on your computer, it will not be easy to install. Download and run the .exe file and MS Color will open automatically. Users with the latest version of Windows 10 may want to try Microsoft’s version of the standard color program, 3D Color. It combines basic and advanced art tools to create not only unique 2D art but 3D objects as well. Microsoft Mac color is missing. Mac users are advised to download Paint Color, a light color software that can be used for Mac OS. Why is MS color used? Microsoft Color is a simple raster image editor. Opens and saves files in single-page bitmap Windows (BMP), JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF formats. Applications can be in color mode or two in black and white, but not grayscale. The main feature of MS Color is a simple drawing tool that you can easily use to draw on a blank canvas or an existing drawing. In addition, Color includes crop, resizing, rotation, stitching, and select tools to manage more images. Color is a fun, simple design that offers very little through high quality service. Easy to use, even for newcomers. The rugged user interface is supported by the lower left hand and the menu at the top. Tips seem to provide you with a user guide, even though you don’t really need it. Fun Color is just playing around with the tools and seeing what artwork you can create. With a few strokes, drag and click, you can create stunning designs of color interlocking shapes. you can delete parts, draw and draw lines for free, add brushesand text effects in various fonts. You can even add a transparent background. Do this on a blank canvas or drawing and then set it as your computer’s desktop image. Although there are few tools available in Color, its artistic use is as limited as the consumer’s imagination. On top of that, there are tons of publications online that reveal the amazing creative things MS Color can do. In fact, Color attracts criticism for being so simple but those looking to create graphic designs or draw tricks should look elsewhere. Pichacape, Gimp, and Krita, for example, have powerful tools but are still friendlier than Photoshop. Nostalgia and popular fans In fact, part of the lasting color appeal of MS is being avoided by exploiting nostalgia. Anyone who grew up with, or started using computers in the 90s would probably already know and love Color. For many people, using software was the first time they realized that computers could be used for art. It’s not just ordinary consumers who love Colors. Even heavyweight artists have become fans of this program. Beatle and renowned artist Ringo Starr have been using the app for decades and have displayed their artistic images created by Color. Meanwhile, the artist behind the hugely successful web blog, Jim’ll Paint It, is using Microsoft Color to create his beautiful, cute images. A long-term web browser collection, MS Color Adventures, originally created using software. Simplicity of Color as a program challenges the remarkable creative outcomes that can be achieved. However, anyone looking for an alternative to MS Color will find a variety of similar programs that also provide simple tools and functionality. PowerPaint allows you to customize images and create your own animations, and MyPaint is ideal for emerging digital artists, while EZ Paint is a tremendous alternative although it has changed over the past 30 years, Color still remains in a popular place in the list of applications. . Editing photos. The nostalgia of antiquity, combined with the simplicity of programming, means following the faithful attachment of amateur and professional artists. Indeed, it is outdated and of limited performance. Apart from that, there are constant rumors that Microsoft will end it. But for those looking for a simple way to create simple artwork on a PC, MS Color offers plenty to be versatile without going beyond its search.

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